Friday Fridge Fiction

As you all enjoyed it so much last week, I’ve decided to share Friday Fridge Fiction on the blog again.

Friday Fridge Fiction is a challenge I post on Instagram, and you can join in here or on instagram by clicking on the link below. Here’s this week’s edition:


The challenge is, there are ten words on the fridge. You have to work them into a two sentence story. They are chosen totally at random and just to prove it can be done, here’s my version;

There once was a girl who enjoyed her own company so much that she lived in a grand dome, on top of a hill, far away from anyone else and inside the dome, the walls were covered with mirrors. One day, a white witch, in the form of a little butterfly, fluttered by and saw the girl standing in front of the mirrors, singing and praising herself – so she turned her into a green banana and as it was winter, the girl would never have a chance of ripening.’


Leave your version in the comments box below or click on this link to hop on over to my Instagram to leave your’s below the picture and see who else has taken up the challenge.

Happy Writing
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6 thoughts on “Friday Fridge Fiction

  1. You little winter witch always looking on the mirror. Flutter down the dome of your grand hill for the company of your banana.

    ??????? :p

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